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'God is good, all the time'

What to do if Your Having Trouble Sleeping

Some Things to Consider.

Changing positions. We don’t want to go to sleep. It is ok to change bodily positions. If weather permits take a walk with your mind remaining still.

This isn’t a race to see if you can get done. Take time to do each step in an unhurried way. In particular with the time of gratitude, go ahead and write down things like air, vacation and so on. This is meant to be authentic and no one is going to read it. This is just between you and God. Some of our training or religious expectations might make us think we have to think of grand things to thank God for. Remember the hymn Fairest Lord Jesus.

In the top 10 this only works if you let God illuminate you. You might want to read Psalms 139. You mustn’t let Satan accuse you, your judge is not your parish either! God alone should be speaking to you. Do not allow regrets to be the bat you beat yourself up with. Read 1 John 1:9 to deal with issues of regrets.

The egg timer is a tool for you to clear your mind. Please turn it over and proceed to clear your mind of distractions. If something keeps coming to mind write it down. THEN PUT IT ASIDE. You goal here is to clear your mind of distractions so that you can hear the voice or silence of God. As you reject the noise and clamor your senses will become more acute. You may hear your heart beat. You may hear hums and buzzes from the building. It may be difficult to do this if you are attempting it for the first time. It may take 20 minutes to slow down at first and you may need to do it after lunch and other times during the day.

Lastly praying all day is hard work. For one you are attempting to become more sensitive to God’s presence and we have a fallen nature. Secondly we live in a world of bottom lines. There is a urgent need to get the maximum done. Today you will reject the urgent and seek the voice of God. If you have a question for God that is pressing wait for presentation until you have come to a listening place. God already knows what is pressing, the important thing today is to prepare yourself to listen.

God Bless

Howard Darr